Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Mosque or Not to Mosque in NYC

Someone call 911 before this gets out of hand. First, if you left the planet briefly like me and aren't up on this controversey, click the link for a quick background. Are loyal Americans sticking up for the victims at Ground Zero in Manhatten?  Or are they becoming haters by hating the haters? Allowing vs. not allowing - what are da merits and what are the demerits of each?


  1. That Iman said it wasn't hallowed ground? Maybe not to him. But . . .

    Two blocks away is damn close when human beings and debris are falling from that great height. Didn't it physically impact the area?

  2. Moderate American Muslims are vitims, too. I say, "Let there be light," and build the mosque and cultural center with a section dedicated to victims of Islamic and other extremism.