Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boggers--bogged down with writing ideas

I never get writers block. I might come up with crap, but it keeps coming until I can sort it out and flush the flushworthy. I usually end up with a few good nuggets that make me happy even if others see a smear on the page where I see sparkle. Don't we write for ourselves, after all?

However, I do get writers "bog" - bogged down with too many ideas and not enough time to develope them. Slips of paper, pieces of envelopes, voice recording, mnummonic devices until safe to write a note--all methodology of the bogger. Just go with it; you can always cut it later and store it in a safe place--a digital or physical scrap chest to be unearthed another time.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

South Pacific Survivor: In Samoa

I invite comments or questions on the POLITICS or HISTORY in the novel. Were the Tripartite treaty and succession documents legal? Should the archipelago be reunited? Should there be reparations whereas the American Samoan islands were arguably taken from "Samoa" by using more force than was used to take Hawaii from its queen and people? Or just chock it up to history and move on?

Comments or questions on the WRITING, such as the structure, characters, setting, etc? Anything you liked, didn't like or understand? Curios about more?