Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks, guys! However . . .

[responding to your comments on FB]

Availability of my novel on Barnes and Noble doesn't necessarily mean sales. However, writing is its own reward, thank God.

And for whatever glimmer there may be, there is often shadow. The sometimes compulsive nature of creative writing can lead to sacrificing time better spent on family/friends/helping someone, or on earning a living to spend on incessant bills. Maybe the creative mind comes at a cost, like forgetfulness (did I already mention this?) or a touch of dyslexia (a/k/a lysdexia), or depression (sad but true), or poor speling.

The need to say/write something that gives meaning to life, for yourself and others--is that living or is it avoiding the life that's all around? An existential dilemma, I suppose--why think too much? I have to come down on the side of it enhancing life, real life. That's why we enjoy stories, whether books or movies, because they express values, communicate ideas and feelings, become part of our culture.

BTW, South Pacific Survivor: In Samoa is also available at Borders--but in Australia, not the U.S.! ( Go figure. On second thought, don't go figure--go for a walk with your favorite pet or person. I gotta get back to work. Hi ho, hi ho . . .