Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to Ruin a Reunion

Okay, keeping all that old crap in my files paid off. I found this nugget about my high school reunion. Yes, it is embarrassing, so feel free to enjoy. 

The Spoof:

Our 20th high school reunion was coming up, so I posted this on our page at

Wow. I'm even more horrified as I re-read this again years later. But what the hell. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

So I got a call from the reunion organizer asking, hesitantly, if I was "okay." People spooked by my post called her in a panic. She almost didn't call me--fortunately, we'd gone to prom together, so she did call. 

The Apology:

Reading the apology now, I wonder if anyone disbelieved it, the bio part, i.e., that I hadn't graduated from a suburban voc-tech and became a lawyer/professor who married a Polynesian while in the Peace Corps and went to an historically Black law school, but was telling stories.  
Which would mean . . . the first post was true! But, no, I believe the apology worked as best it could at that point.

The Relief:

Okay, re-reading this again, I have to chuckle--her knees have stopped shaking. 

And I stopped turning red at the memory of all this.