Thursday, September 16, 2010

Qur'an Burning

Fans of my writing instructor Robert Everz might protest burning his novel, Burning Garbo, but religious books are in a "higher" category. Isn't it sacrilege for a pastor to burn a Koran?

It seems like using Jesus's hand to slap both cheeks of others, perhaps literally adding insult to injury; and the Koran builds on Judeo-Christian tradition.

When does freedom of expression and religion become more evil than good?


  1. Kevin--Book burning is inherently evil as a book is freedom of expression by definition. How can burning freedom of expression be freedom of expression?

  2. there is something wrong about burning the Koran...or the Bible...or any book that has so much meaning for IS a slap in the face. That's the intention. Religion causes more suffering than anything else....we each have a "little voice" inside but too many of us don't listen to it! Although not religious myself I still appreciate the comfort and meaning it has for others. Really, in today's complex and confusing world whatever gets you through the day....well..within reason of course!

  3. Ah, interesting. What if the book was an expression of evil instead of purported good—still freedom of expression by definition? Examples of limits are: Holocaust denial - explicitly or implicitly illegal in 16 countries. Iran criminal laws - against criticizing the Islamic regime, insulting Islam, and publishing materials that deviate from Islamic standards, which are arguably used to persecute religious minorities. Whereas, burning the U.S. flag, which represents freedom, is legal.

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