Friday, July 23, 2010

South Pacific Survivor: In Samoa

I invite comments or questions on the POLITICS or HISTORY in the novel. Were the Tripartite treaty and succession documents legal? Should the archipelago be reunited? Should there be reparations whereas the American Samoan islands were arguably taken from "Samoa" by using more force than was used to take Hawaii from its queen and people? Or just chock it up to history and move on?

Comments or questions on the WRITING, such as the structure, characters, setting, etc? Anything you liked, didn't like or understand? Curios about more?


  1. Kevin,
    Allow me to introduce myself, Lorraine Watson, resident in the small Midwestern town of Davis, Il. I grew up here and was one of six siblings born to Ray and Phyllis Watson. Now I thought we lived a simple but extraordinary life and it wasn't until recently that I discovered the source for the calm and depth of that simplicity.
    My parents were married June 18th, 1950 and on that day embarked on a two year adventure in American Samoa, commissioned by our Naval Department to aide the natives in increasing their agricultural stores to a growing population. I have known of this life changing trip that my parents had taken and not too long ago found the letters, journals and musings from that time in their life. I am transposing those found treasures onto a blog here to memorialize their life and their loves.
    I was thrilled to find by a random search your novel, yet to order, and I thought or hoped that you if anyone might be interested, especially after reading this post in particular, to read the journal and other letters my father kept about their time on the island and historically notating life on the island from 1950-1952.
    We can rarely explain why people come into our lives, or why it has taken me this long to live within an epiphany of sharing their story. Two days into my project, I called my cousin who lives in St Louis, and whose town experienced the wrath of an F4 tornado. I was calling to be sure they were safe. He went on to tell me of a dream he had just the night before. My father had come to him to tell him great tales of their life in Samoa. he got the impression from the dream that my father's 'message' was a request to have their ashes scattered over the island. My cousin did not know of new project and I hadn't said anything to him during the call until he had told me of the visit my father had made in his dream. These types of happenings let me know I am on the right track. Or better yet that they 'see' what I am doing in their honor. This just fills my heart with such joy.
    The letter I would like you to read speaks of the time on the island in 1951 when the control of the government changed and it effected the entire population. Curious?
    I have a blog here where I am storing his journal of their trip, but the letter describing the historical governing change is in a Word doc. just yet. I have a few paragraphs left to transpose as the remainder of the letter talks about my eldest brother's first year and an itinerary of their trip back to the States.
    With this said, happy to make your acquaintance and I hope we become life long friends that share great stories. Lorraine

  2. I just ordered the autographed copy of the book. Loved the youtube video. Can't wait to read.
    Tofa Soifua